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Queenie’s Story

“Across all those years, Legacy was always there for me and the children. I don’t know what we would have done without them!”

91-year-old widow, Queenie Budd has been a part of the Legacy family for over 50 years.

Queenie was just 38 when her husband, Raymond, died. He left behind his wife and four children, aged from 2 to 16. While Queenie mourned the loss of her husband and father to her children, she also struggled with adapting to life as a single parent. Within months of Raymond’s passing, Queenie would turn to Legacy for support.

Raymond served both before, and during, World War II. He was captured during the fall of Singapore and spent the remainder of the war as a Prisoner of War (POW). Post War, Ray was haunted by the memories of those years and passed away at the young age of 46.

Sadly, Queenie was not eligible for the War Widows Pension, however she needed support both financially and emotionally. Legacy was there for her.

In the months and years that followed, Legacy played an important role in the Budd family. From organised family holidays at the Legacy Holiday Home, to for financial aid for Queenie’s daughters’ music lessons; and even a home-stay with another Legacy family for Queenie’s only son, George, whilst he was at Technical College.

Legacy has been by Queenie’s side for 53 years. That’s more than half her lifetime. And Queenie is not alone. She is just one of the 52,000 families that Legacy supports across Australia.

While Legacy services and the way we operate has changed since Queenie first met us in 1966, we still provide critical support today for both older widows, and widowers, and for younger families.

Whether we are helping someone like Queenie remain in her own home by providing house and garden maintenance, or supporting the children who have lost a Defence Force parent by providing counselling and education grants; it is the generosity of the Australian public that enables us to care for veterans’ families every day.

This year, as we commemorate 100 years of Remembrance Day, we ask you to do more than remember, and help support the families left behind.

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